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Original PLR Article:

Contains 717 words, 44 sentences, 12 paragraphs
Keyword phrase: puppy proof
Keyword density: 0.697% (5 occurrences)

Making your home puppy proof!

Puppies are super cute and so much fun to have around. They are filled with energy and curious about everything around them. It is your job as a responsible pet owner to puppy proof your house to make it safe from them and to protect your belongings.

The first thing you should do when puppy proofing your house is to go room to room on your hands and knees. Look at the things in your home from your puppy's perspective. Think about what is at that level that may be interesting to him. You may be surprised to find many things that are potentially dangerous that you never even thought of before.

One thing you should be aware of in your household is the location of electrical cords. Make sure to limit your puppy's access to these areas. Puppies can chew through cords and get electrocuted causing serious injury or even death. Wrap cords up and store them away or lay down rubber or plastic runners that can be purchased at most home supply stores.

Another potentially dangerous thing for puppies is your stairs. Small puppies have a hard time navigating up and down stairs and could fall down them and injure themselves. Stairs also lead to areas in your house that may be off limits. The best way to ensure that your puppy stays away from the stairs is to purchase baby gates, available at most department and pet supply stores.

Just as curious toddlers are, puppies are very curious about what is inside cabinets. Many people store cleaning supplies and personal care products in cabinets that can be accessible to puppies. These kinds of products contain harmful ingredients that can injure or kill your puppy. Make sure to either store these products in cabinets that are out of reach to puppies, or purchase plastic cabinet locks that are available at most department and pet supply stores.

Be aware of small objects that are located around the home, on coffee tables and other surfaces that are accessible to your puppy. Just as with small children, puppies can choke on items like coins, needles, jewelry and small toys. Make sure to keep these kinds of items out of your puppy's reach.

Puppies seem to be attracted to shoes and socks. They love to chew on them. Not only will this ruin your favorite shoes, if a puppy were to chew on and swallow a shoelace or a sock, it could get wrapped around their intestines causing serious injury or death. Make sure to store your shoes and socks out of reach of your puppy, and NEVER encourage them to chew on these items, no matter how cute it may be.

Always limit your puppy's access to the bathroom. Bathroom garbage is very tempting to chew on. If your dog were to swallow some dental floss or feminine products, this could be very harmful to them. Puppies also are curious about toilets. Small pups could fall in an open toilet and drown. Make sure to keep your bathroom door shut at all times, or install a baby gate at the entrance to your bathroom. The same can be said for the kitchen and kitchen garbage.

Open windows are another potential hazard to your puppy. Being very curious about the world around them, they could easily fall out of a window causing serious harm or death. On the ground floor, they could exit out of the window and get lost or run into the street. Be mindful of open windows when you are not directly supervising your puppy.

House plants are another concern when it comes to puppies. Most dogs are very attracted to plants and many household plants are toxic to animals and can cause nausea, vomiting, and in some cases, death. Always make sure to keep house plants away from your puppy's reach.

The best way to puppy proof your house is to crate train your puppy right away. You are providing him with a safe place to go whenever he wants to as well as a place to be safely contained when you are not able to directly supervise him. If you need more information about puppy proofing your home, consult your veterinarian or pet professional.

Customized PLR Article:

Contains 847 words, 54 sentences, 13 paragraphs
Keyword phrase: puppy proof
Keyword density: 0.708% (6 occurrences)
Check for uniqueness using DupeFreePro: 94.84% unique from original article (only 5.16% duplicate content)

Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies are energetic and naturally curious about all the things around them, and they are so delightful to have around. As a proud owner of a puppy, you are responsible for making your home safe for and from your puppy (or puppies, if you have more than one).

The first step you need to do to make your home puppy proof is to inspect each of the rooms on your hands and knees. View the things inside your home from your puppy's perspective. What things do you think may appear interesting to your puppy? It may surprise you to discover that many things you have never thought of in the past pose as potential dangers to your puppy.

Where are your electrical cords located? You need to know where they are so you can limit your puppy's access to areas of your home that have the electrical cords laying about. You do not want your puppy chewing at the cords; your puppy my be seriously injured or die from electrocution by doing so. To remedy this potential puppy danger, wrap the electrical cords up. Keep the cords in a place where your puppy won't be able to reach them. You can also use rubber or plastic runners to put the cord though. Most home improvement and home supply stores carry plastic and rubber runners.

Stairs are a potential danger to puppies too. Small puppies find it difficult to go up and down the stairs. Your puppy could fall down and injure itself. Keep your puppy from the stairs by installing baby gates, which you can find readily available at department stores and pet supply stores.

Puppies also tend to be curious about what's inside cabinets. Cabinets are where you would typically keep cleaning supplies, personal products and other chemicals. These products contain ingredients thay may be harmful to your puppy. Keep potentially dangerous and harmful products stored inside cabinets that your puppy can't reach. Puppy proof your low cabinets by buying cabinet locks to keep them closed.

Keep an eye out, too, for small objects that may choke your puppy. Small things (e.g., needles, coins, small toys, jewelry, etc.) are choke hazards. Keep the small objects away from your puppy's reach.

One of the things puppies love to do is chew on shoes and socks. Be careful, as your puppy may end up swallowing a shoelace or sock, which could cause your puppy to become seriously injured or die. Place shoes and socks where your puppy can't reach or access them. Also, never ever encourage your puppy to chew on shoes and socks. You might think it's cute when your puppy chews on shoes and socks, but what you end up doing is helping your puppy form a bad habit.

Aside from shoes and socks, bathroom garbage is another thing most puppies love to chew on. For this reason, keep the bathroom off-limits to your puppy. You do not want your puppy to accidentally swallow dental floss, bottle caps, or feminine products! In addition, make sure the toilet seat is down because small puppies can accidentally fall in the toilet and drown. Close all bathroom doors to keep your puppy out. Have a baby gate installed by the bathroom entrance if you prefer to keep the bathroom door open.

Ensure, too, that your puppy cannot climb up to open windows. Because puppies are curious animals, it is very easy for them to accidentally fall out from an open window and become injured. Keep your windows closed at times when your puppy is unsupervised.

Houseplants are another thing you need to be concerned about when it comes to your puppy. Plants are attractive to most dogs. However, there are a number of household plants that are toxic to animals. These plants can cause vomiting, nausea, and even death in animals. For instance, every part of the philodendron, an ornamental houseplant, is toxic to dogs. Another houseplant, castor oil bush, can give your puppy severe gastroenteritis. And beware if you like having fresh daffodils around the house. Your puppy will experience vomiting and diarrhea if it has chewed on daffodil bulbs, eaten its flowers, or ingested the water in the vase where the cut daffodils had been. If you must have houseplants inside your home, keep them in places where your puppy can't reach them.

You've read about a few of the ways you can puppy proof your home, but the best way perhaps of puppy proofing your home is crate training your puppy early on. A crate can serve as your puppy's "safe place." You can also use the crate to put your puppy in whenever you are not around to provide direct supervision.

Lastly, for more information on puppy proofing your home, pay your puppy's vet a visit. You can also check with a pet professional. They will be able to provide you with sound advice on what you can do to make sure your puppy can live happily and safely with you in your home.

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