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The CITY DRIVING Article Rewriting Package

Before ordering any of the packages below, please make sure you read the service terms and guarantee found on every order page. Ordering constitutes your agreement to these terms. Thank you!

Rates include Copyscaping and basic SEO.

Go with this package if you're not in a hurry but you don't want to wait a long time to get your rewrites done either. You'll receive your rewritten articles in 2 weeks (up to 25; delivery of 50 articles within 3 weeks; delivery of 100 articles is within 4 weeks). I'll rewrite your PLR articles for as low as $5 (up to 100 articles; 550 words or less per article). This is my typical turnaround time and the package I've been offering since 2006.

For this package, I may or may not send articles to you in small batches. It will all depend on my current week's work load. You'll receive your order (for 5 to 25 articles) in 2 weeks. Orders for 50 articles are delivered within 3 weeks. If you would like to order 100 (or up to 150) articles for rewriting, the rate is only $5 per article (550 words or less). They will be delivered within 30 days. Send me an e-mail at sheryruss AT gmail DOT com along with the articles. I will send you a Paypal invoice.

Below are the rates for customizing PLR articles that are 550 words or less for this package. All orders include Copyscaping -- I guarantee the customized articles you'll receive are COMPLETELY unique.

$40.00 for 5 custom PLR articles
($8 per article of 550 words or less; delivery in 2 weeks)

$75.00 for 10 custom PLR articles
($7.50 per article of 550 words or less; delivery in 2 weeks)

$175.00 for 25 custom PLR articles
($7 per article of 550 words or less; delivery in 2 weeks)

$300 for 50 custom PLR articles
($6 per article of 550 words or less; delivery in 3 weeks)

My PLR Article Rewriting Service Terms and Guarantee:

I work on customizing PLR articles on a first come, first serve basis.

I reserve the right to refuse work, such as when articles sent to me are not PLR articles but are copyrighted articles, sales pages, or any other type of content that is not PLR, and when clients are confrontational, rude or just plain difficult to deal with. In such an event, I will immediately stop work, deliver any articles that have been finished to date and issue a pro-rated refund. A full refund will be issued only if I have not started work on the order.

I will customize PLR articles on any topic except articles about the adult industry, pornography, sex, racial or religious discrimination, witchcraft and paganism, warez, pirating, the trafficking of illegal substances, illicit drugs, guns or any other items, pyramid and get-rich-quick schemes, gambling and terrorism.

My rewriting rates are the base prices for human-readable articles. If you have keywords you want to appear in the rewritten articles, specify them in your order and I will try to do my best to incorporate them. However, I cannot make guarantees about keyword densities and other keyword requirements, especially if you want an entirely different set of keywords or keyphrases incorporated, or the keyphrases you want used in the rewrites are grammatically incorrect or simply don't fit naturally in the articles.

If you have strict keyword requirements, I can do that for an additional fee of 30% on top of your order. For instance, if you order 5 articles for $50, there is an additional fee of $15 if you have strict density requirements. In this case, do not order from the site; send me an email and you will receive a Paypal invoice.

I will rewrite the content in the PLR articles you send me. My rewriting rates do not include adding new information or conducting research. Your rewrites will be about the same length of the originals, so if your original article is 500 words, the rewritten version will be between 480 and 520 words. If you want 500-word articles expanded to 700-word articles, however, doing so will involve adding new information and research. The cost is an additional $2 per 100 words. In this case, do not order from the site; send me an email and you will receive a Paypal invoice.

The rewrites you will receive will be at least 80% different from the original articles (no more than 20% duplicate content) - unless keyword/keyphrase services are requested because keywords/keyphrases by their nature are duplicate content if they appear so many times in the rewrites. To determine uniqueness, I use DupeFree Pro exclusively for this. Please do not ask me to use DupeCop or any other duplicate content service/software to check for uniqueness or duplicate content.

All rewritten articles are guaranteed to pass Copyscape. I run all rewrites in my Copyscape Premium account prior to delivery. Copyscaping is included in every order. There is no additional fee for this.

Delivery of rewritten PLR articles depends on the purchase type -- Scenic Route (up to 8 weeks), City Driving (up to 3 weeks), and Freeway (up to 10 business days). I will confirm with you the delivery date after you place your order and send the articles.

In order for me to begin work on your articles, I need to receive ALL the articles you had ordered to be rewritten. If you send your articles in small batches, I won't be able to give you a target completion date until you send the last batch of articles. I need to have ALL articles on hand, so please make sure you have them ready when you order. (You can even send the articles to me before placing your order.)

In the event that I'm unable to finish all of your customized PLR articles and deliver them to you by the targeted completion date, you will receive the articles that I do finish by the deadline. I will then continue to work on the remaining articles and for each day that passes that I don't complete your order, $3 per day will be issued back to your Paypal account. So if you order 50 articles (City Driving package) and I'm only able to deliver to you 40 rewritten articles in 3 weeks, you will receive all 40 articles and work will continue on the remaining 10. If it takes me 4 more days to send you the remaining 10 articles, you will receive a partial refund of $12.

Because I'm offering low per article rewriting rates, I cannot guarantee specific delivery dates of articles in small batches (e.g., batches of 10, 20, 25, etc.), nor should clients expect delivery in batches. So if you order 100 articles to be rewritten, you will receive all 100 articles on or before the targeted completion date. I may send articles in small batches but it is at my discretion. Please understand that I typically work on several orders at a time so it's actually counterproductive for me to set several delivery dates for small batches per order.

To your online success,

Shery Russ
Your Custom PLR Articles expert

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